Custom compounding: (recoverd rubber compounds modified to customer requirements)

We supply EPDM rubber compounds with SDS, for products with °Sh ranges of 40 to 80. with narrow specifications (curing properties t 0.05, t 0.9, modulus, viscosity, etc.).

Recovering the EPDM compounds from in process waste, (for example before the curing curved hoses production). Therefore the recovered high quality EPDM compound is almost the same as the original.

Tehnoplast2000 has its own technology, to remove the reinforcing ply from the semifinished product. We have to emphasize that this method we use is different from any other recycling, reclaiming, devulcanization process.

The recovered materials are almost the same quality as the original EPDM compound. The specification can be modified to a certain extent according to the customers’ demands, as far as  hardness (40-80 °Sh), curing properties etc

We use different press technologies for molded products for use in:

  • agriculture
  • automotive
  • water,-sewage system
  • construction
  • industrial
  • polymer processing

We grind cured scrap rubber, production waste. Particle size up to 20mm. The capacity 1000 tons/year